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Inna Yuh Stereo

by Phat Cat & Otrmk2

Released 2018
Otantic Records
Released 2018
Otantic Records
Reggae / Roots / Rub a Dub / Instrumental
  • 03:26 Story Lyrics Inna Yuh Stereo

    "Vybz, easy going
    Mi nuh wanna hear Pop inna your radio yoh
    Just giv yuh this tune inna your stereo ooh
    Mi nuh wanna buss Rock inna yur radio yoh
    Just give you dis tune inna your stereo ooh
    We tired of the trap and an autotune vibe
    Just run the riddim let mi ride it inna rub a dub style
    just gimme di, just gimme di...vybz

    Mi gone murda dem, murda dem
    Murda dem Phat Cat ago kill dem again
    Mi hear dem a seh this is a rude boy skanking
    So mi create style stepping inna Shabba ranking
    Frisco style you know me have a plan ting come ina d street n mek we kick up a ranking
    Fi di people dem weh listen reggae music seet
    Turn up the radio and mek mi hear it tweet
    tweet tweet
    Big up Bob Marley man who foundation
    Phat Cat taking it to dem one by one
    Tek it to dem inna style and pattern
    Big up Yellowman an Buju Banton, sing

    Dem seh dem a di don fi di ting but a we have di key fi di city, oh what a pity
    Step inna di streets and the vibes well hot
    Reggae music, so sweet a we a put it pon track
    Dancehall icon u know a Kartel dat
    We jack it, we flick it, u know we nah stop
    Inna Jamdung city stage show well packed fi see di people dem a kick and a balance and a rock
    Di girls dem a wine a back it up pon a man
    Listen to me lyrics full a style inna d places so dis a reggae music cyaa go down to waist
    A Phat Cat a tell you dis straight, sing"

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  • 03:26 Story Lyrics Western Riddim Inna Yuh Stereo (Instrumental Version)

    Instrumental Version

Lyrics by Phat Cat
Music by OTRmk2
Cover Art by Niephus (Cabbie Chronicles)
Produced by Otantic Records